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Prague Opera

W. A. Mozart himself conducted the world premiere of his Don Giovanni in one of Prague’s theatres in 1787. The Czech opera was also the most potent cultural expression of the 19th-century nationalist movement, leading to the Czechoslovak Republic’s establishment in 1918.
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Black Light Theatre

Black Light Theatre

Daily shows at seven and 9:30 pm. The black light theatre is unique to Prague; it was invented in the 1960s. The black light technique means that actors dressed in a black hold and move with various props while they themselves are not seen by the viewers against the black background. This way, the requisites, things, and objects seem to move.
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Jazz & Blues Club

Jazz & Blues Lounge | Restaurant Bílý Koníček

Daily concerts start at 9pm. This venue is the oldest jazz and blues venue in the world, dating back to the 12 century. It features a newly reconstructed stylish restaurant offering a wide selection of traditional Czech and international cuisine. Restaurant open 11am – 4am.
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Folklore Music and Dances

The Shepherdess’s Cottage – Folklore Music & Dances

The rustic quality of the cabin structure makes for an oasis amid a busy city environment. Contributing to the stylish atmosphere is a wooden interior, chairs covered with sheep’s hide, a fireplace, and the permeating aroma of roasted meat.
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