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The black light theatre is unique to Prague; it was invented here in the 1960s. It is mime and music – a visual show – so everyone can understand. We have arranged a discount for our clients at the TaFantastika Black Light Theatre, which is, in our opinion, the best of its kind. The show is called “Aspects of Alice” and is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (duration of 90 min).

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The principle of black light theatre is an optical trick known as the black box trick, which takes advantage of the imperfection of the human eye: the eye cannot distinguish between black on black. In the theatre, the trick is, in fact very simple: the audience cannot see an actor dressed in black against a black background. Props operated by actors dressed in black are able to move independently before our very eyes. Inanimate objects become participants in the drama, attaining equal status with the live actors. However, the basic black box trick itself is extremely ancient. It was first used in China to entertain the emperors before being adopted by the Japanese in the 18th century, where Japanese puppet theatres used it.

What is black light theatre, and how did it develop?

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, George Melies used the black box trick to record his first films. During the 1950s, French avant-garde puppeteers played with props using actors dressed in black, and one of these, George Lafaye, is generally referred to as the father of black light theatre. And finally, we should not forget that even giants of the stage, such as STANISLAVSKIJ in his famous “Blue Bird” performance, also used this trick. To make the black box trick a strong enough base for a theatre performance, it had to become the central theme rather than its end. This means that instead of the effect of the trick being the result of the story, it becomes the starting point of the drama itself. This created a whole new stage language, which has become famous worldwide thanks to Czech black light theatre companies.

From the beginning of the 1980s, the TA FANTASTIKA theatre was already introducing intensive input into the acting and dramatic situations in black light theatre. Unique and patented technical tricks began to be used, such as actors flying in the air directly in front of the audience, a combination of wide screen projections, live actors on stage, and huge puppets, as well as the use of artistic elements as an essential part of the visual performance, music and live singers. By producing a perfect, artistic symbiosis between the technical and theatrical elements in its performances, TA FANTASTIKA sets itself apart from other black light theatres.

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