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Private Prague Guide represents a personally and carefully hand-picked group of licensed and custom-oriented tour guides who know all the ins and outs and can make the most out of your stay in the Czech Republic.

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Official Prague Guide Badge


• SPECIALLY TRAINED GUIDES: all Prague guides are fully licensed, fluent in foreign languages, and fun!

• INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: you don’t have to run after an umbrella together with 50 other people.

• PICK-UP AT AGREED TIME & PLACE: you decide, not us.

• FLEXIBLE TOURS: you will choose the pace. You can change the course of the tour at any time.

• TAILOR-MADE TOURS: we will gladly tailor a tour according to your wishes.

• INVALUABLE ADVICE: you will get advice on dining venues, culture, tips for the remaining days, etc.

• GREAT REFERENCES: recommended by TripAdvisor, Expedia, Fodor’s, and Michelin Travel Guides.

Our Team (A-Z)


Prague Guides - Ms. DagmarMs. Dagmar
I am a professional, licensed tour guide with a passion for discovering history, people, and their life stories. I have been living in the gorgeous city of Prague for 29 years. I will happily guide you through our capital’s thrilling history, show you the most famous and lesser-known places and introduce you to some famous people who created its colorful past. I love traveling, too.
Your Personal Guide Ms. DanaMs. Dana
I am a native of the Czech Republic, born in a suburb of Prague called Uvaly. My knowledge of American culture and command of the English language is excellent, having spent 15 months in Cleveland, OH, after the fall of Communism in 1989. My guide service has been in operation for over six years, and my knowledge of history, architecture, and the comparative lifestyle of Americans and Czechs is excellent; thus, I am well suited to assist the English-speaking traveler.
Your Personal Guide Ms. EvaMs. Eva
I was born in Prague in former Communist Czechoslovakia. Despite being the daughter of two nuclear physicists, I have always been interested in languages, so I studied Italian philology at Charles University. In 2005 I started to give tours, not realizing that this student job would become my life’s passion. I can work with speakers of English, Italian, French, or Spanish. When time permits, I also collaborate with a publishing house as an author or proofreader of educational books. I devote time to various sporting activities, including horse riding and show jumping.
Your Personal Guide Ms. JanaMs. Jana
I was born in Czechoslovakia and graduated from Charles University in Prague. In 1981 I fled the country, and until 1988 I lived and worked in New York City and then in Munich, Germany. After my return to Prague in 1994, I worked first as a librarian, but my interest in history, art, and architecture and my love for Prague brought me to the decision to become a tour guide. For the past six years, I have been successfully providing guide service to English-speaking visitors, showing them Prague and many other exciting places in the Czech Republic.
Your Prague Guide - Mr. Jaroslav Mr. Jaroslav
I have traveled much of the world and studied in Europe and the USA, thanks to my wonderful parents who founded a travel agency after the fall of the Communist regime in former Czechoslovakia. In 2001 I completed a demanding academic course for official Prague guides. Ever since, I have been focusing on providing personalized travel services and developing our travel agency, founded by my parents in 1993. Apart from my job, I enjoy history, philosophy, and mountain climbing.
Your Personal Guide Ms. JiřinaMs. Jiřina
I was born in Prague and hold a university degree from Prague’s Charles University. I have been working as a licensed guide in Prague and the Czech Republic since 1999. My hobbies are history, architecture, psychology, theatre, and music. Along our tour, I will follow the footsteps of our history and explore Prague’s unique details- its gardens, churches, museums and palaces, peculiarities, Czech cuisine and beer, and captivating legends. On the way, we will encounter various writers or composers like Franz Kafka or W.A. Mozart, A. Dvořák, etc. I am looking forward to our tour.
Ms. JitkaMs. Jitka
I was born and raised in former Czechoslovakia, and after studying economics, I went abroad, living in several European countries. I totally fell in love with Prague during my professional career while working with people from all over the world and providing relocation services. Soon afterward, I decided to become a certified guide and proudly present the gems of our lovely country and our amazing capital, a fascinating job I have been doing for five years. I am Czech, but I also speak English and am working on becoming fluent in Spanish. I enjoy life with a sense of humor.
Ms. KathMs. Kathy
I want to show you the beauty and magic of my birthplace, Prague, and the excitement of the entire ravishing country. It is a must to see breathtaking Prague and the spectacular Czech Republic! I am also passionate about architecture, history, and art, to name a few. I love finding hidden gems around me and looking at everything as if I have never seen it before so that I can enjoy every minute, and I want you to enjoy those minutes with me.
Ms. LindaMs. Linda
I was born in Prague and have 15 years of experience as a tour guide in Prague and the Czech Republic. In reviews, my clients have praised me for being very friendly and informative. They also noted that my English is excellent. I have studied the humanities and history, two subjects I will make you understand with clear explanations. I am very good at assessing the abilities and moods of my clients and always find the right moment to take a break or get a snack. My hobby is gardening, and whenever possible, I take my clients through beautiful, tranquil gardens that are sure to please everyone.
Mr. MarekMr. Marek
A Czech native and a resident of Prague, I will walk you through the streets of Prague and other Czech cities, castles, or the scenic countryside, depending on your interests. During the tour, you will become enthralled with Prague, Czech and European history. I am interested in many subjects, not only history. I am a charismatic renaissance man and a father of six, whose interests include art crafts, philosophy, hiking, whisky, and wine tasting as well as gourmet foods.
Ms. MarkétaMs. Markéta
My name is Markéta Sohlichová. I was born in Prague and had a university degree in international affairs. With more than 15 years of experience as a tour guide, I will give you tours of Prague and of other cities in the Czech Republic. I will also show you famous Czech castles – Konopiště Chateau, Karlštějn Castle and Hluboká nad Vltavou Chateau. Because I am interested in athletics, I will offer you sport-related tours as well as trips to the mountains. I speak English, Spanish, German, Croatian, and Czech. My hobbies are history, music, traveling, and sports.
Ms. VeronikaMs. Veronika
I am a young, energetic, and knowledgeable girl who loves history, art history, architecture, and discovering new places around the world with my dog or on horseback. I am a native of Prague (I grew up on Wenceslas Square and witnessed the Velvet Revolution from my window!, but I have also tried the lifestyle of Munich, Germany, and the USA, where I lived and traveled – in San Diego, Hawaii, etc. I come from a long line of great guides and know my hometown very well.
ZMr. ZdeněkMr. Zdeněk
My name is Zdeněk Havránek, and I would like to show you the charming city of Prague. I am not only interested in history but also in religion, politics, philosophy, and art. I conduct tours for English and Spanish-speaking travelers in Central Europe. I would like to accompany you throughout our country or to the cities not far from Prague – Dresden, Cracow, etc. I look forward to being your tour guide in my native city as well as Central Europe.

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