Who Do We Support

Dear Travelers,

I think that Mr. Andersen was very right when he said:

”Happiness we can’t share with others is only half-way happiness”

Our company therefore engages in numerous projects. To name a few:

ZIVOT DETEM (Life for Children)
Book a tour and support local orphan children

Private-Prague-Guide.com in cooperation with the Czech NGO Zivot detem (Life for children, www.zivotdetem.cz) supports local orphanages. I buy special souvenir magnets with the motifs of Prague scenery (see lower) and the profit from these souvenirs goes solely to local orphanages. Book  any of my tours and your tour guide will give you this souvenir gift which you can later put, for example, on your fridge at home as a reminder of your Prague experience.

See our CERTIFICATE for a long term support of children´s homes.

Prague Souvenir Magnets:

Prague magnet souvenir Prague magnet souvenir

Prague magnet souvenir Prague magnet souvenir

Prague magnet souvenir Prague magnet souvenir

The mission of the P.B.O. (public beneficial organization) Bona Mente – is focused on the active support of young people living in childrens´ homes across the Czech Republic. Additionally. In cooperation with Bona Mente our company mediated an enriching event: a meeting of the US lacrosse team with children from a Czech orphanage during the Lacrosse World Cup in Prague in 2009.

Community Service

In Northern India, a new Buddhist Institute is being founded for the education of young people from the Himalayan region. Here, they will be schooled in Buddhist philosophy and meditation. In addition, the Tilopa Institute offers guests from all parts of the world the possibility of deepening their practice and helps promote the exchange of thoughts between practitioners in the East and West.

Our company supports this project financially.

Tilopa Institute

In July 2009 I was honored to guide Tibetan buddhist lamas in Prague.

Tibetan buddhist lamas in Prague

I hope that we can inspire others to join us in such enlightening activities.

Jaroslav Jay Pesta
Owner & Private Prague Guide

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