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Konopiste Chateau & Cesky Sternberk Castle - Prague to Konopiste

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Private day trips from Prague to Konopiste Chateau and Cesky Sternberk Castle

Discover two unique castles in one day. Konopiste Chateau is well-known as the last residence of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, whose assassination in Sarajevo triggered World War I. On the way from Konopiste to Cesky Sternberk Castle, you can admire the beauty of the Czech countryside. We will stop for lunch at a traditional Czech restaurant. Set on a steep hill, romantic Cesky Sternberk was built in 1241 as an Early Gothic medieval castle and today is one of the best-preserved Gothic castles in Bohemia. The interiors have been redone in Baroque and Rococo styles. You can also watch demonstrations of birds of prey during the summer season.

Prague – Konopiste Chateau – Cesky Sternberk Castle – Prague: 6-hour Itinerary

45 minutes Prague to Konopiste transfer
30 minutes Walk to Konopiste Chateau
1 hour Tour of Konopiste Chateau
30 minutes Walk around Konopiste Chateau and the Rose Garden
30 minutes Konopiste – Cesky Sternberk Castle transfer
1-hour lunch at a traditional Czech restaurant
1 hour Tour of Cesky Sternberk Castle
45 minutes Kutna Hora to Prague transfer

This is a private tour, so the itinerary can be adjusted as you wish.

Konopiste Chateau

Konopiste Chateau was founded in the late 13th century as a Gothic castle inspired by the style of French castles with seven stouts, rounded towers, and five gates. During the late 19th  century, Konopiste Chateau came into the hands of the 24-year-old Franz Ferdinand d’Este, the oldest nephew of Austrian Emperor Francis Josef I and later heir to the Habsburg throne. He made many changes to the interior and remodeled the chateau so that part resembled a Renaissance residence in North Italian style while another section sported a medieval look. He installed much advanced technical equipment, including central heating and electric lights as well as an electric elevator.  His collection of hunting trophies and Saint George-related items also appeared in the chateau. After his assassination in June of 1914, the property was taken over by the Hohenbergs, and the chateau was nationalized in 1921. During World War II Konopiste Chateau became a SS headquarters. The state took over in 1945, and now the Central Bohemian Institute for Preservation of Historic Monuments in Prague looks after Konopiste Chateau.

Konopiste Chateau – Admission fees and opening times

Admission fees: Route 1 and 2: adults 220 CZK/ person; children, students, seniors above 65: 140 CZK / person; Route 3: adults 320 CZK/ person; children, students, seniors above 65: 220 CZK / person. The chateau is open to the public from March 30 to November 30 but is closed on Mondays. Exceptions: open on Easter Monday and Czech Independence Day on Monday, October 28. Exceptions: closed on the day after Easter Monday and on October 29. In October and November, the chateau is open on weekdays only for reserved groups (more than 10 persons).

About Cesky Sternberk Castle

The story of Cesky Sternberk Castle began sometime before 1242 when Zdeslav of Divisov had a castle built on this site. At that time there were many German settlers in the area, and he took the name Sternberk from the German word for star (stern) and the German word for hill (berk). In the early 15th century, Cesky Sternberk was somehow unharmed during the Hussite Wars, when the Sternbergs supported the Catholics. However, in 1465, Zdenek Konopistsky of Sternberg challenged his relative, King George of Podebrady, and the castle was destroyed by the king’s armies. George of Podebrady would be the only leader to conquer this castle. Reconstruction took place, and the tower erected in 1480 still stands today. More disastrous days were to come, however. Cesky Sternberk Castle was plundered by rebels in 1627 during the Thirty Years’ War. Baroque reconstruction occurred later during the 17th century. Then the Holic of Sternberg family died out in 1712, and the clan would not have possession of the castle again until 1841. In 1949, the Communists took the castle away from Jiri Sternberg, though he remained there as caretaker and tour guide. Finally, in 1992, the current owner, Zdenek Sternberg, got the property back in restitution.

Tour of Cesky Sternberk Castle

The first space on the tour of 15 rooms is the biggest and most lavish. The Knights’ Hall, dating from around 1500, features ornate stucco adornment, coats-of-arms relating to the Sternberg clan, and portraits of generals from the Thirty Years’ War. There is also a portrait of George of Podebrady, clad in knight’s armor. He had married a Sternberg. Two 250-kilo Czech crystal chandeliers enthrall as well. In the second biggest room, the Dining Room, portraits of the Sternbergs hang on one wall and four Baroque paintings with biblical themes hang on another. The Yellow Salon stands out for its Empire-style wall painting of idyllic, country scenes. Stunning Baroque frescoes are found on the ceiling of the Ladies’ Lounge. The 18th-century floral furniture is Rococo. The library boasts a painting by renowned Baroque artist Petr Brandl. Another room entices with its Dutch Baroque furniture that features a floral motif. Engravings portraying scenes from the Thirty Years’ War are just a sample of Sternberg’s collection of 545 renditions depicting the history of the 17th-century battles. Furniture featuring mother-of-pearl and ivory hails from the 18th century in the Oriental Antechamber. Artwork by Filip Sternberg, whose teacher was famous Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, is also on display. Historical weapons and porcelain round out the tour.

Cesky Sternberk Castle – Admission fees and opening times

Admission: Adults: 195 CZK / person; children 3 to 15 years old, students: 135 CZK / person
Throughout the year it is possible to arrange a tour in advance.
Open: in April and October: 9 am – 5 pm on weekends and public holidays;
in May and September: 9 am – 5 pm, closed on Mondays;
in June, July, and August: 9 am – 6 pm, closed on Mondays

Location50 km / 45 minute drive south of Prague (direction Austria - Salzburg)
Sights to SeeKonopiste Chateau
InteriorsKonopiste Chateau - Route 1,2 or 3, Konopiste Chateau - Rose garden
IncludedCar/van, driver-guide, gas, toll roads, parking fees
ExcludedEntrance fees, food, and drinks
Availability From-ToKonopiste Chateau: open March 30th to November 30th but closed on Mondays, Cesky Sternberk: April to October, (For more details, see the tour description.)
Departure Time and Location We will pick you up at the agreed place and time, most likely at the reception of your hotel in Prague. (To be specified in the request form below)
Duration6 hours
Return Location We will finish the tour anywhere you wish in Prague.
Means of TransportationWalking and/or Driving - Car, Van, Minibus, Bus
Required Walking AbilityMedium
LanguageAll services are in English, but exceptions can be made in advance.
Price Info
Car & Driver-Guide1-3 People (price per car)Van & Driver-Guide4-6 People (price per van)Entrance Fees(per person)
CZK / EUR / USD6500 / 277 / 2837500 / 319 / 326415 / 18 / 18
Price Info
Car & Driver-Guide1-3 People (price per car)6500 / 277 / 283
Van & Driver-Guide4-6 People (price per van)7500 / 319 / 326
Entrance Fees(per person)415 / 18 / 18
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