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Private day trips from Prague to the Karlstejn Castle and the Koneprusy Caves.

Discover both the Gothic 14th-century Karlstejn Castle as well as the Koneprusy caves featuring the plethora of caves that fascinate viewers with rich stalagmite and stalactite decoration, often taking grotesque forms in an Alice in Wonderland type of setting. After a Karlstejn Castle tour full of Gothic delights, you can have a typical Czech lunch at a traditional restaurant located in the picturesque village under the castle. As we drive you around you can enjoy the beauty of the forests, rivers, and villages of the local nature reserve.

Prague – Karlstejn Castle – Konperusy Caves – Prague: 7-hour Itinerary

45 minutes Prague to Karlstejn transfer
30 minutes walk from the village of Karlstejn to the castle
1,5 hours Tour of Karlstejn Castle and its courtyards (Route 1)
30 minutes walk from the castle to the village of Karlstejn
1-hour lunch in the village of Karlstejn
15 minutes Karlstejn Castle to Koneprusy Caves transfer
1 hour Tour of the Konperusy Caves
30 minutes Tour of the area
45 minutes Konopiste Chateua to Prague transfer

Karlstejn Castle Route 1: Private and representatives halls of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV

The fortress-like castle also served as the emperor’s summer retreat. Over 660 years old, Karlštejn Castle was never totally conquered. The castle even survived a seven-month siege by the Hussites in the 15th century. The Karlstejn Castle’s most visited tour includes historical interiors of the Imperial Palace and the lower floors of the Marian tower with valuable artifacts from the 14th   to 19th centuries. A wooden bed boasts stunning engravings. On the walls surrounding it hangs a green with gold fabric that shows phoenixes and other mythological creatures. In Charles IV’s personal chapel to Saint Wenceslas, there is a 14th-century portable altar full of vibrant colors. In the Throne Room, the 14th-century ceiling is composed of dark green squares with wooden frames. A gold ball decorates the middle of each square. The Hall of Forebears features large portraits of the emperor’s ancestors.

Karlstejn Castle – Admission fees and Opening times

Admission fees: route 1: 270 CZK / adult, children from 6 years, students, seniors over 65: 180 CZK / person. This year the Karlstejn Castle will be open daily except Mondays, from 1st January till 6th January, then on the February Weekends: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th, from 1st March till 10th November and on the weekends 16th, 17st, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th November and 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd December and from 25th December till 31st December (closed on 24th December). And also from 1st till 5th January. The castle will be open on Easter Monday and Monday 28th of October.

Koneprusy Caves – prehistoric animals, stalactites, stalagmites…

The Koněprusy Caves definitely merit exploring. The caves, discovered in 1950 and opened to the public in 1959, are also known for the 1,500-year-old Koněprusy Roses stalactite formation that is found there. It is the only place in the world where this sort of ornamentation has been discovered. The one-hour tour covers 620 meters. First, a little cave vocabulary is in order: stalactites hang down from the roof of a cave, while stalagmites point upwards from the floor of a cave. These caves feature the largest system of caves in Bohemia. Bones of prehistoric animals have been unearthed here. The stalactite and stalagmite ornamentation is thrilling; one cave even used to be a medieval money forgers’ workshop in the 15th century. Some stalactites take the shape of an organ; Eternal Desire is composed of stalactite and stalagmite spikes that are almost touching, and another formation appears as white gushing water, stopped in time. Perhaps Prošek’s House is the most stunning. In one cave a certain formation could depict a rock-made window frame overlooking a grotesque landscape of quills, resembling swords, pointing down from the roof. Nearby a stalagmite appears to be a sandcastle, seemingly so fragile that it could be broken any second. Another shape on the ceiling looks like a gaping mouth about to swallow the viewer. In the waterfall, one sees the droplets of water gushing down, stopped for eternity. While tours are usually in Czech, English speakers are given a text informing them about the sights. If you want to take photos, you have to pay extra for the privilege.

Koneprusy Caves – Admission fees and Opening times

Admission fees: 130 CZK / adult, seniors over 65: 90 CZK / person, children under 15, and students: 60 CZK / person. Refundable deposit for an English text (tours are held only in Czech): 50 CZK. Photography fee: 40 CZK / person. The Konprusy Caves are open daily from April to October.  In November they are open only Monday – Friday at times: 9 am, 11 am, and 2 pm.

Konperusy Caves – Hiking in a nature reserve

Both the Karlstejn Castle and the Koneprusy Caves are located in a beautiful nature reserve featuring many trails providing great views. If you would like to take one of those hikes let us know in the lower request form and we will send you an adjusted itinerary.

Location30 km / 45 minute drive west of Prague (direction Germany - Nuremberg)
Sights to SeeKarlstejn Castle, Karlstejn Village, Koneprusy Caves
InteriorsKarlstejn Castle - Route 1, Koneprusy Caves
IncludedCar/van, driver-guide, gas, toll roads, parking fees
ExcludedEntrance fees, food, and drinks
Availability From-ToKarlstejn Castle open: March 1st - November 10th, closed on Mondays, Koneprusy Caves open: April to October, (For more details, see the tour description.)
Departure Time and Location We will pick you up at the agreed place and time, most likely at the reception of your hotel in Prague. (To be specified in the request form below)
Duration7 hours
Return Location We will finish the tour anywhere you wish in Prague.
Means of TransportationWalking and/or Driving - Car, Van, Minibus, Bus
Required Walking AbilityMedium
LanguageAll services are in English, but exceptions can be made in advance.
Additional InfoThe Karlstejn Castle is situated on a hilltop, and it is necessary to climb a steep road for about one kilometer. You can walk, take a taxi or ride in a horse carriage.
Price Info
Car & Driver-Guide1-3 People (price per car)Van & Driver-Guide4-6 People (price per van)Entrance Fees(per person)
CZK / EUR / USD7000 / 298 / 3047500 / 319 / 326400 / 17 / 17
Price Info
Car & Driver-Guide1-3 People (price per car)7000 / 298 / 304
Van & Driver-Guide4-6 People (price per van)7500 / 319 / 326
Entrance Fees(per person)400 / 17 / 17
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