Nicholas Winton Exhibition

By Erin Naillon

Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved the lives of 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in 1939, is being honored with an exhibition detailing his efforts to bring the children from Nazi-occupied Europe to the UK.

Winton’s Trains

The exhibition, titled “Winton’s Trains”, shows documents and photographs of the transport of the children through Europe to freedom in the United Kingdom. Jaroslav Brabec, a filmmaker, and photographer created the display along with Olga Menzelová, the wife of Czech film director Jiří Menzel. “Winton’s Children”, as the survivors call themselves, have also provided private photos and papers to add to the exhibition.

Konopiste Chateau Tours from Prague

The display opened simultaneously in Prague and in London’s Liverpool Street Station. Sir Nicholas celebrated his 102nd birthday at the opening; a large cake in the shape of a train was provided for him and his guests. Many of his “children” – with children and grandchildren of their own – attended the opening.


The exhibition will be shown at Vyšehrad, free of charge, until the end of July 2011. It will then appear in cities throughout Germany, Israel, New York, and New Zealand.

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