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Berlin to Prague - Prague to Berlin - via Terezin Concentration Camp

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Berlin to Prague or Prague to Berlin transfers with sightseeing in the Terezin Concentration Camp

Are you looking for a driving guide or driver to take you from Prague to Berlin or from Berlin to Prague? Choose your own pace and make the most out of your journey by hiring one of our professional English-speaking driver-guides who are holders of the official guide license. Along the way, you can stop at places of interest and explore captivating sights. Driver-guide service – with one person as the driver and guide – is the most economical way to discover new places. Don’t wait hours at the airport or train station. Enjoy your sightseeing and lunch at the most beautiful places on your journey.

Berlin to Prague: 8-hour Itinerary (or reverse order)

3-hour Berlin to Terezin transfer
2-3-hour Sightseeing in Terezin
1 hour Lunch (lunch not included)
1-hour Dresden to Prague transfer

This is a private tour, so the itinerary can be adjusted as you wish.

1) Transfer with a guided tour (the driving guide will show you places of interest)
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Car & Driver-Guide1-2 People (price per car)Van & Driver-Guide3-7 People (price per van)Mercedes Coach & Driver & Local Guide8-20 people (price per coach)Entrance Fees(per person)
CZK / EUR / USD10500 / 447 / 45711500 / 489 / 500 20500 / 872 / 891215 / 9 / 9
Price Info
Car & Driver-Guide1-2 People (price per car)10500 / 447 / 457
Van & Driver-Guide3-7 People (price per van)11500 / 489 / 500
Mercedes Coach & Driver & Local Guide8-20 people (price per coach) 20500 / 872 / 891
Entrance Fees(per person)215 / 9 / 9
2) Transfer with sightseeing on your own (guide service not included)
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Car & Drive1-2 People (price per car)Van & Driver3-7 People (price per van)Mercedes Coach & Driver8-20 people (price per coach)Entrance Fees(per person)
CZK / EUR / USD9500 / 404 / 41310500 / 447 / 457 20500 / 872 / 891N/A / N/A / N/A
Price Info
Car & Drive1-2 People (price per car)9500 / 404 / 413
Van & Driver3-7 People (price per van)10500 / 447 / 457
Mercedes Coach & Driver8-20 people (price per coach) 20500 / 872 / 891
Entrance Fees(per person)N/A / N/A / N/A

Tour Details

Sightseeing in Terezin

Terezin during World War II

In 1940 Prague´s Gestapo installed the Terezin Small Fortress police prison. About 32,000 prisoners passed through the Terezin Small Fortress between 1940 and 1945, Approximately 2,500 people died – some of hunger or disease, while others were overworked, tortured, and executed. In 1941 the town of Terezin was transformed by the Nazis into a Jewish ghetto-transit camp. Until the end of the war, more than 150,000 deportees came through the camp. Some 35,000 inmates died there. Russian forces liberated Terezin on May 8th, 1945, eight days after Berlin had fallen to the Allies. Today the well-preserved concentration camp stands as a memorial to the dead and a monument to human depravity.

Terezin Small Fortress – Former Gestapo Prison

As you enter the gate of the Terezin concentration camp Small Fortress, a former Gestapo prison, the sign above it, ARBEIT MACHT FREI (Work Sets One Free), sets an eerie and gloomy tone. You will walk through the ghastly prison barracks, the execution grounds where firing squads murdered innocent people, the workshops, the dark solitary confinement cells and a cemetery that was built after the war, where you can pay homage to the victims of this horrific era.

Sights to see at the Terezin Small Fortress

– Former Gestapo Prison Cells
– Jewish Punishment Cell
– Solitary Cells
– Showers
– Tunnel, 500 meters long (we can skip this part if you don´t like tunnels)
– Execution grounds
– Swimming Pool for Nazi families
– Barracks for 120 SS guards, now a Museum
– Lord’s House where the Commandant and some of the guards lived

Terezin Big Fortress – Former Jewish Ghetto

Afterward, we will drive you to the Terezin Big Fortress, a former Jewish ghetto featuring the Museum of the Terezin Concentration Camp, where you will see many chilling artifacts, such as a collage of drawings by children imprisoned at the camp. Not to be missed is the propaganda movie, which was produced by the Nazis to present Terezin as a “gift” to the Jews from Hitler. This propaganda movie was supposed to dispel rumors about the horrors of life in concentration camps. After visiting the museum, we will drive you around the Big Fortress, show you different buildings and explain their roles during World War II. You will see Nazi headquarters and the headquarters of the Jewish self-administration. You will also be shown the barracks where tens of thousands of Jews lived in vile conditions. A prayer room, a tiny family accommodation for the Jews, a crematorium, a columbarium, and the Terezin concentration camp ramparts are all on this trip’s thought-provoking itinerary. You will learn how hunger, stress from slave labor, and epidemics riddled prisoners’ lives at the concentration camp.

Sights to see at the Terezin Big Fortress:

– Ghetto Museum
– Former SS Camp Headquarters
– Former Ghetto Guards Station
– Former seat of the Council of Elders
– Former Jewish Dormitories
– Former railway tracks
– The Crematorium
– The Columbarium
– Jewish Prayer Room
– Replica attic used by craftsmen

Location340 km / 4 hour drive north of Prague (direction Germany - Dresden)
Sights to SeeTerezin Concentration Camp (CZ)
InteriorsTerezin Big Fortress - Ghetto Museum, Gestapo Prison - Terezin Small Fortress
Availability From-ToAll year round
Departure Time and Location We will pick you up at the agreed place and time, most likely at the reception of your hotel in Prague. (To be specified in the request form below)
Duration8 hours
Return Location We will finish the tour anywhere you wish in Prague.
Means of TransportationWalking and/or Driving - Car, Van, Minibus, Bus
Required Walking AbilityLow
LanguageAll services are in English, but exceptions can be made in advance.
Payment Conditions

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