Transportation by Car

– The best way how to explore the Czech Republic is in an air-conditioned vehicle and with one of our professional guides.
– See our driving tours in and outside of Prague.
– We can also arrange to rent a car for you. Contact us for details.

Info for Drivers
– You definitely shouldn’t rent a car to explore Prague because one is not allowed to drive in the historic city center.
– If you want to see the countryside, driving can be a fun way to travel.
– By road, visitors can enter the Republic at over 30 points and the list is growing all the time.
– It is advisable in order to avoid fines, to obtain a window sticker (dálnicní známka) that goes on your windshield (see lower: Traffic Rules). Most filling stations and post offices sell them. Rented cars should come with a valid stamp already.
– Major roadways radiate from Prague like spokes on a wheel, so touring the country is easy if you make the capital your base.
– You are advised to check the most recent map before you travel. Alternatively, see where you will find updates on the newly built motorways.
– Foreign drivers are required to have an international driver’s license and proof of international insurance (a green card issued with rental cars).
– Czech police are infamous for stopping cars with foreign plates, and the “fines” they exact are often negotiable. If you’re stopped, expect to pay at least 1,000Kc for speeding.
– Those caught by the police should ask for some type of receipt (úcet in Czech, pronounced “oo-chet”); this can help cut down on overpayment.

– gasoline (benzín) in the Czech Republic costs much more than you’re accustomed to paying -around 30 Kc per liter, or 120 Kc per gallon.
– Filling stations, which used to be difficult to find, are now on all major highways.
– Most are open 24 hours, and most have minimarkets or bistros with food and drink as well.
– If you’re leaving the country, fill up near the border, as the price of gas in Austria and Germany is much higher still.
Traffic Rules

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