– There are four national broadcast TV stations. CT1, CT2, CT24, CT Sport, CT :D and CT art are public-service stations.
– TV Nova, Nova 2, Nova Cinema, Nova Sport 1, Nova Sport 2, Nova Action, Nova Gold are a private commercial stations loaded with American sitcoms and serials, sensational newscasts, and Western movies all dubbed into Czech.
– TV Prima, Prima Cool, Prima Love, Prima Zoom, Prima Max, Prima Comedy Central, Prima Krimi are the nationwide commercial stations.
– Tv Barrandov is a Czech television channel, launched in 2009.

– If you’re channel surfing after 10pm, note that both Prima and Nova (which you can find on various channels depending on how your TV is programmed) have very saucy shows often including full-frontal nudity.
– All stations are off the air sometime between midnight and 2am.
– Satellite channels at hotels and on cable include Eurosport, MTV, CNBC, CNN, and BBC World etc.

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