Taxes & Tax Refund

– Taxes are usually included in the prices of hotel rooms, restaurant meals, and items purchased in shops.
– The price on the tag is what you’ll pay at the register.
– The airport departure tax, about 600 Kc, is usually included in the price of airline tickets.
– The Czech V.A.T. is called DPH (dan z pridané hodnoty), and there are two rates.
– There are three V.A.T. rates in the Czech Republic, with the standard rate at 21%. This rate is applied to most taxed goods like gifts, souvenirs, or clothing. The first reduced rate is 15%, and it’s subject to food, eating in restaurants, or accommodation services. Medicines and books are subject to a 10% rate.

Tax Refund
– Exported goods are exempt from the tax, which can be refunded.
– All tourists outside E.U.e EU are entitled to claim the tax back if they spend more than 2,001 Kc in one shop on the same day.
– When making a purchase, ask foV.A.T.A.T. refund form and find out whether the merchant gives refunds – not all stores do, nor are they required to.
– Have the form stamped like any customs form by customs officials when you leave the country or if you’re visiting several European Union countries when you leave E.Ue EU.
– After you’re through passport control, take the form to a refund-service counter for an on-the-spot refund (which is usually the quickest and easiest option),
– or mail it to the address on the form (or the envelope with it) after you arrive home (the processing time can be long, especially if you request a credit-card adjustment).
– Global Blue is a Europe-wide service with 300,000 affiliated stores and with refund counters at major airports and border crossings.
– Its refund form, called a Tax Free Check, is the most common across the European continent.
– The service issues refunds in the form of cash, check, or credit-card adjustment.
– Global Blue (

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