Safety & Pickpockets

– Prague is one of the most famous European destinations, making it the pickpocket’s paradise!
– Don’t become paranoid. Make sure you are still enjoying yourself on your trip. Although pickpocketing is a problem in Prague, just like it is in many tourist destinations around the world, it doesn’t mean thieves are waiting for you at every corner.

Tips to avoid becoming the victim of a pickpocket:
– Always keep your bag closed and avoid carrying your passport, wallet, and valuables in your back pocket.
– It is also recommended to wear your backpack on your chest.
– Leave all your documents at the hotel – in the safe deposit box if possible.
– Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you – carry a credit card and take money out of a cash machine as you go (there are plenty of cash machines in Prague).
– Don’t show your money or wallet in public places.
– Wear a money belt instead of a handbag.
– If you are carrying a handbag, always be aware of it.
– In pubs and restaurants, don’t sit at a table near the entrance.
– Always choose the less crowded means of transportation and watch out for people touching or pushing against you.
– Be careful in the historical center: on the Charles Bridge, in front of the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square – while your eyes are looking up, the pickpocket’s hands are working down.
– While being hypnotized by shops windows, pay attention to your back, too.
– Always keep your eyes open to know who’s around you, especially in crowded places (trams and subways, crowded town squares, stores, etc.)
– Trams, buses, underground: especially tram no. 22, mostly in Malá Strana. They let all the passengers get on and then push themselves in: while they push, they help themselves.
– Never leave valuables in your car.
– When in restaurants, and fast food (Mc Donald’s, KFC) in the touristy areas, never leave your jacket/bag on the back of your chair unattended.
– If you are robbed despite following these tips, get ready to wait in long lines at the police station and your embassy.
– Always go to the police station with your pictures – they might be helpful.
– See the “Emergency numbers “section for addresses of police stations in Prague.
– You must go to the police station that is nearest the place where you got robbed.
– Be patient because this process usually takes a long time.

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