Restrooms – WC (Prague)

– Public restrooms are common and clean. Free-of-charge toilets are available only in shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. Therefore, it is always good to equip yourself with a sufficient number of coins worth 10 Kc.
– Toilets are located in every Prague metro station and are staffed by cleaning personnel who usually charge users 10 Kc.
– Restaurants and pubs around all the major sights are usually kind to nonpatrons who wish to use their facilities for a fee of 10 Kc to 20 Kc.
– Around the Prague castle and elsewhere, public toilets are marked with the letters WC.
– For comfort and cleanliness, try lobby-level lavatories in Prague’s better-known hotels or shopping malls.
– Public restrooms are also available at each fast-food chain for 10 Kc.

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