Mail & Shipping Packages

– Remember to pay a little extra for airmail; otherwise, your letters will be sent by ship.
– If you’re sending mail overseas, make sure it’s marked “Par Avion” so it doesn’t go by surface.
– You can buy stamps at post offices, hotels, newsstands, and shops that sell postcards.
– If you mail your letters at a post office, the clerk will add this stamp.
– Postcards to the U.S. cost 14Kc, to any E.U. country 9Kc.
– Mail can take up to 10 days to reach its destination.
– The opening hours of post offices vary. Most large post offices are open weekly from 8 AM to 7 PM.
– The main post office in Prague is open 24 hours, with a 30-minute break after midnight.
– Official Website of Ceska Posta (Czech Post):

Orange Post Office Boxes
– Can be found around the city, usually attached to the side of a building.

Postal Services in Prague
– Main Post Office, Prague 1, Jindřišská 14 daily non-stop, rest. period 24-02

Other Post Offices in Prague Center
– Hybernska 15 – near Namesti Republiky
– Kaprova 12 – near the Old Town Square
– Josefska 4
– Rybna 14
– Na Frantisku 32

Shipping Packages
– The Czech postal service, Ceská posta, runs an Express Mail Service (EMS).
– You can post your EMS parcel at any post office, and Ceská posta can supply forms for customs clearance.
– Delivery times vary between one and five days, though the material is often delayed by American customs.
– You may not send currency, travel checks, precious metals, or stones through Express Mail.
– Ceská posta delivers anything up to 30 kg.
– Some major stores can make their own arrangements to ship purchases home on behalf of their customers.
– A number of freight and cargo services operate international delivery services, and these can generally be relied upon.
– An average shipping time to the U.S. in 21 days (4 days for air cargo).

Express Services
– EMS, Czech postal service (800-104-410.
– DHL (800-103-000.
– Fed Ex (800-133-339.
– UPS (800-181-111.

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