Entry Requirements

– Regarding non-European states, citizens of the USA, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, the Korean Republic (South Korea), Malaysia, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Israel are not required to have visas.
– All other nationalities must have a visa. These can be obtained from the Czech embassy offices abroad.
– Foreign visitors to the Czech Republic must have a passport valid at least 90 days beyond the time of their planned stay in the Czech Republic.
– Immigration officers may require a foreign visitor arriving in the Czech Republic to produce a certificate of travel health insurance for the intended time of stay.
– Children inscribed in their parents’ passports can travel with their parents up to the age of 15.
– Once the child has reached the age of 15, a separate passport is necessary.
– Citizens of European countries are not required to have a Czech visa with the exception of Albania, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Macedonia.
– Bearer of a Czech tourist visa must register at any Czech Immigration Police Station within 3 days after arrival in the Czech Republic.
– Visitors staying in hotels are registered automatically.

Foreign Missions to the Czech Republic

Czech Missions Abroad

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