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Czech Genealogy Research and Digital Personalized Czech Ancestry Tour (30 minute-documentary summary of a full day tour)

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Bohemia and Moravia Ancestry Research in Czech State Archive with a professional researcher

Are you searching for information about your Czech Bohemian, Moravian or Jewish ancestors originating from the Czech Republic? Where were they born, how did they live and what did they do for a living? If you want to know more about your distant Czech Bohemian, Moravian or Jewish ancestry, a professional Czech genealogy researcher may be the best way to find out the most about your family ancestry. I provide professional genealogy research in the Czech State Archive with results in English. I will plan a trip to the hometowns of your ancestors to see the houses where they lived, the cemeteries where the family is buried and, if possible, meet with living relatives. At this time when traveling is not safe or even possible, I offer you the opportunity to create a digitized ancestry tour, a 30 minute documentary about where your Bohemian ancestors come from. I have been successfully researching Czech and Jewish ancestry since 2012, providing services to help people expand their family trees. My services will help you discover more about Czech ancestors, before they immigrated to the US or Canada, which – due to the language barrier – is difficult or even impossible for you to do on your own.

Czech Ancestry Pre-research and Research
Pre-research is the first step for any genealogy research. Once you send us relevant information about your Czech ancestors, we will find out if there are records in the Czech State Archive available for research. The price for ancestry pre-research will be included in the total amount for complete genealogical research, as its deposit (advance payment).

Upon receiving relevant information, I provide complete Czech genealogical research, a basic family tree of three to six generations into the past (up to eight generations if possible), including residential addresses, occupations and social status of the family. You receive the researched results translated into English, and these can be added to your genealogy site account upon request.

The research will help us to custom make a Digital Personalized Czech Ancestry Tour (30 minute-documentary summary of a full day tour) or a future trip to the Czech Republic.

For a complete picture of the life of your ancestors, you will surely like to visit the places they came from (before landing in the USA or Canada). We will do a full day tour to the Czech countryside, combining vast knowledge of Czech history, culture, folklore and traditions with towns and villages where your ancestors lived, the sites where they were married and their final resting places. Besides the actual houses, the documentary offers you a glimpse into a museum that preserves the traditions and customs of the region where your ancestors came from. In the Rural Museum you will find houses built between the 17th and 20th centuries, equipped with real furniture, providing a view into the everyday life of your ancestors and their work, what they ate and how they spent their free time. In this way, the personalized documentary makes your family history more tangible and allows you to see places that are currently not possible to visit.

LocationFully tailored upon the Research
Sights to SeeFully tailored upon the Research
Availability From-ToAll year round
Additional InfoYou will surely like to visit the places where your Ancestors came from as soon as conditions allow us to travel globally again. Ancestry tour will be then fully customized upon the research and you will enjoy travelling through the Czech Republic with Dagmar.
Price Info
Pre-research Genealogical Research Digital personalized ancestry tour
CZK / EUR / USD 2000 / 80 / 95 15000 / 600 / 714 Fully tailored upon the Research
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ReferencesOur full day tour with Dagmar was one of the highlights of our recent Eastern European tour. Dagmar's English was impeccable (even teaching us a few words in Czech), and her knowledge of the history and current state of the Czech Republic were extremely informative. She chose a beautiful scenic route through the villages of Bohemia and Moravia, stopping to tour the Hornicke Muzeum, Telc, and Horni Ves (the ancestral home of our family). The day could not have been better! (Dean Lahodny)

My main goal for my trip was to travel to my Grandfather's home village and to meet the family members that still lived in the village. Dagmar arranged all the details, including coordinating with the mayor. She acted as my interpreter with the family and for the public event in which I presented information about my Grandfather. The reunion was all that I had hoped for and more. It is a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. Highly recommend Dagmar as your guide. (Diane Caradeuc)

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